CERN Accelerating science


The Sources, Targets and Interactions Group has the mandate to study the interactions of beam with matter, aiming to apply its know-how to particle generation (ISOLDE targets and Fixed targets for  experimental areas, CLIC photoinjectors, AWAKE plasma and polarized e+ e- sources), and to particle interception (collimators, absorbers and dumps). The skills involved and available in the group include Nuclear Physics and Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Material Science, Control systems and Electronic design, Photonics and Laser spectroscopy. The group coordinates the efforts of Accelerator and Technology Sector in the development and test of radiation tolerant electronics, and in the development and use of robotic solutions for remote inspections and interventions in hazardous areas.

The group is responsible for developing and maintaining the FLUKA Monte Carlo code and for providing formal training and support to its users in the accelerator community and to the experiments worldwide. The group is a member of the n_TOF and UA9 collaborations.

The group is formed of five sections.